Great news! I have scheduled two different face to face interviews for regional airlines. One flight is paid for by the company, and the other I will be driving to. I believe what made the difference with these airlines in comparison to the my denial from a major airline after the video interview, was how much I let my own personality show through. When I did the interview for United Airlines ( I am only sharing the airline because I did not get hired and will not be reapplying in the near future) I was more concerned about saying the right things and what I believed they wanted to hear. My answers for the companies that I did get a face to face with were similar; however I elaborated more and showed a bit of myself in the answers. I did not care if it was what they wanted to hear, I gave them me. And what do you know? It worked. I plan on taking the same strategy with me to the upcoming interviews I have. I think it is difficult not to obsess over questions and answers when you truly want something. I found out a mainline was hiring and did the application and assessment. Hopefully I move along in the process but I will not have my heart set on a specific airline anymore, I will not limit my potential. I firmly believe that what is truly best for me will happen. It has happened time and time again in my life and the manifestation process. Hopefully I will have some even better news in the near future. Thanks for joining me in my journey to become a flight attendant.