I have finally concluded training to include my ioe training flights and earned my wings! It has been a long, stressful, and taxing month. It has also been the most rewarding. I have learned so much about my strength and personality. I am actually very proud of my accomplishments. I have bonded with some really amazing people. On one of our last days of testing, we went around the room one by one and told each other our reason for embarking on our journeys to become flight attendants. One woman, who I will forever admire decided to become a flight attendant because of her son. He is autistic and one of the first words he was able to verbalize well into his early childhood was “airplane“. She wanted to become a flight attendant so she would be able to take him on flights often. A young man in the class became a flight attendant because of his mom. She lost her life and always wanted to be a flight attendant. He decided to do it so he was able to take his mom with him to complete her dream. There were plenty of other moving stories. I did this because although I enjoyed working with troubled youth, I did not enjoy working in the system. I began living just to work.


Although I am only a month in a half in at the time I wrote thi, I have a new outlook on life. I am growing in many different ways. I entered training thinking, what am I getting myself in to? I cut my salary in half. My boyfriend and I are relocating to an area without any family, and I have to think about things I never had to really worry about before. I have this intense need to succeed in everything I set out to accomplish. When I am not perfect, I often find myself in a state of depression or lack of motivation. Through this process, I am starting to learn that I will not be perfect in the beginning and all I have to do is keep trying. At the beginning of training, I thought it was impossible to complete certain tasks and I ended up being up at the top of my class. On my training flights, I thought there is no way I am going to get this down packed in 4 days, and on the 4th day I was presented with my wings. While I was sitting in my jump seat, looking out of the galley service door yesterday I realized this was a dream I thought was so far fetched and here I am living it. Whatever you want to accomplish you can, all you have to do is go for it and do not give up.