I got the job! This is the beginning of a new path for me and I am proud. My boyfriend is super supportive and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I know I will have some challenges in the future but right now,  in the present,  I am taking the moment to realize I have accomplished a goal.  I am growing as an individual.  On my flight to my face to face interview, I had a calm, reassuring experience.  I was experiencing an internal battle prior to boarding that plane.  Leaving a great paying job with wonderful benefits for a regional airline worried me.  I was wondering if this was the best decision for my future.  We can be honest here,  the pay is minimal and unpredictable.  The schedule can be hectic, and it is a completely different lifestyle than what I am used to. I know there will be horrible days and rewarding days.  As I looked out the window to see the world below me as I literally took off towards my future,  I knew it was worth a shot.  I will leave my current job the correct way,  so I will be re-hireable just in case.  Thank you for following me on my journey.  Let’s go see the world.