This is not a sponsored post by any means; in fact I doubt Quizlet even knows I exist. However, it has proven to be one of the greatest study tools I have used. I wish I knew about it throughout college. I initially created old school index card flashcards but I felt like I was not retaining as much information as I am capable of. Introducing Quizlet! I did a search on online study tools and it popped up. They also offer a free app I currently use as well. You create your own study sets based on the terms and definitions you need to learn and Quizlet does the rest. There are options to learn, use it like normal flashcards, write the term or definition (or both), matching terms with definitions and vice versa, and tests. When you take a test, you can set it up to have multiple choice questions, matching, true of false, and fill in the blank. You also control the amount of questions you want on the exam. It randomly orders the questions for you.

Another great component of Quizlet is the ability to see other peoples study sets if they choose to make them public. Although I decided to create my own, there were many available that flight attendants with my airline have created. It is definitely worth checking it out and I plan to use it throughout my career for reccurent training. I study best when I am alone; so this app and website are perfect for my needs.