Hello Everyone! This weekend my boyfriend I took a day trip to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and it was amazing. The staff is very welcoming and hospitable. You can tell they truly enjoy their work. In fact, my favorite part of the whole experience was conversing with Mr. Lowell Lytle. He portrays Captain Edward John Smith. Not only is he a spitting image of the Captain, but he is also a wonderful soul. He is an amazing author as well. I encourage everyone to read his book, so far it is an excellent read. It can be purchased at www.titanicattraction.com. In his book he details his excursion to the actual Titanic, and stories of his life. This man has experienced a lot. He even allowed my boyfriend and I, along with a newlywed couple, to hold a piece of the Titanic in our hands that he was able to acquire during his excursion.

Lowell Lytle
Lowell Lytle as Captain Smith

When you enter the museum you are given a boarding pass, a personal audio device that guides you through the tour, and a bio of an actual Titanic passenger. At the end of the tour, you find out if you were a survivor. My passenger was Helene Baxter and spoiler alert, she survived. You will learn things about the Titanic you were not aware of. They also offer several interactive exhibits and an area specifically for children.

I do not want to ruin the surprises for those of you that choose to visit, so I will keep my experiences to a minimum. They have a buiot to scale replica of the Grand Staircase. You are able to witness and experience what it was like to be a third class passenger as water began to flood the Titanic. You will learn about a little bit about a plethora of many passengers, including Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche, who was one of only three passengers of known African ancestry. He put his pregnant wife and their two daughters on a lifeboat, they survived, unfortunately, he did not. You will see the only known pictures taken aboard the Titanic, dip your hands in water set to the temperatures that night, touch an iceberg and walk a few different decks based upon what the positioning would be throughout the night after the Titanic began to sank. I do not have many photos, as photography was only permitted in one room so I included some photos from the website.

How awesome is this… The museum also hosts the World’s Largest Titanic model with Lego bricks. I was completed by an autistic boy, Brynjar Karl, who was 10 years old at the time. It took him 11 months to build and it is nothing short of amazing, down to the Lego men and woman dressed impeccably aboard. If you ever find yourself in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee it is a must see.